Gambling on the basis of Risk VS Reward Or Risk VS Return and your Business

I live here in Las vegas, and quite often, I see people gamble their lives away, hoping for the big return on the Slot machines, Card Table, Roulette Wheel or rolling the dice. There are some winners, but few and far between. Someone once asked one of the managers at a Casino on the Strip, “Do the slot machines pay off? He said, “Oh yes, they pay for the lights, gas, water, and the employees!! “

The stock market is a gamble every day, just look at the people that lost money today, down over 350 points at the close. A Forex trader, takes a huge risk to get a large return. Everyone, wants a return on their money. However, in Life, reality sets in real quick, and there are no guarantees, that you will get any kind of return when you risk your money.

Housing market was a huge risk, everyone started flipping houses here in Las vegas, and now fast forward two years later. Las vegas has one of the fastest declining housing markets in the nation and the highest foreclosure rate around. So Real estate is very risky now.

On the internet, there are hundreds of scams out there, that will drain your pockets. One type is multi level marketing companies. They are the kind that want you to push their vitamins, pills, lotions, potions, insurance, energy drinks, health drinks, vacations, discount clubs etc. Companies like Amway, Herbalife just to name a few. Only about 3% of the people that join multi level marketing companies are ever successful. Main reason is that they go broke and waste their time, calling hundreds of people, to try and make a little profit on hundreds of items, just no time leverage in low profit items.

My advice, simply stay away from the multi level marketing companies, simply, far too much risk versus very low return, and no time leverage, since you waste your time calling hundreds of people for too small of a profit.

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